Dear Sirs:

ADHICO has the honour to introduce itself as an Association constituted by Professionals from the National and International field, whose aim is the search and diffusion of the colon hydrotherapy.

ADHICO "National and International Association for the Study and Diffusion of Colon Hydrotherapy" will give you the opportunity to access to the information he will offer to you. This will suppose a source of motivation, support, study and development about everything referring to Colon Hydrotherapy. This material will only be available for its Members.

The Legal regulation of this Association established according to the Law 191/64 of 24th December 1964, guided by a NON-PROFIT-MAKING SPIRIT, will try to give an example of a total transparency, allowing its members to check the balances and accounts in the "ADMINISTRATION" area of the "Members Access".

Being a member of ADHICO will give you the opportunity to be in contact with the most important national and international colon hydrotherapists.

Along with the incredible support and networking, your membership entitles you to many benefits, such as: advice and information services in the financial and judicial field, professional experiences, congresses, conferences, expositions, information about training courses, existing machinery, insurance types and models, a virtual store with different suppliers and discounts, etc.

We sincerely hope you will consider being a part of ADHICO. We need people with your interest and enthusiasm. We are looking forward to welcoming you into our Association.

Meanwhile and giving thanks beforehand, we remain at your disposal for any further information and enquiry you may need.

Ramón Echevarría

1.- Introduction
2.- Consequences of the colon affections
3.- Effects on colon hydrotherapy


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