• TO TRANSMIT the professional experiences about the treatment of colon hydrotherapy gathered through its members in relation to the results after applying this method.

  • TO SPREAD information about congresses, symposiums, articles, papers and conferences related to colon hydrotherapy all over the world.

  • TO ESTABLISH a communication program between the members and the Head Office in order to establish a transparent, quick and the most operative communication system.

  • TO INFORM about courses, both long distance courses and attending the courses themselves, that allow to get and wide knowledge relatives to any type of therapy related to colon hydrotherapy.

  • TO GIVE LEGAL ADVICE to the members in order to watch constantly over their interests in the different areas of their professions (Civil, Merchant, Fiscal, Labour, Administrative, etc.).

  • TO GIVE GUIDANCE about the different machines existing in the market for the correct treatment of colon hydrotherapy.

  • TO ENCOURAGE the relationships between the professional who apply colon hydrotherapy.

  • TO GATHER different therapeutic techniques related to the colon and applied both at home and abroad.

  • TO ADVISE about the different products existing in the market and maybe interesting for the member, various financial systems that can benefit his possible inversions in machines or any other type of capital assets necessary for the development of his activities.

  • SEARCH for any type of subsidy both at home and abroad that can be interesting for the development of the associative purposes and for the own purposes of its members.

  • EXCHANGE of constant experiences and communication with other similar Associations abroad.

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