Subscription Fee: 60,10 Euro (it includes a Certificate, Membership Card and the rest of documents that prove your membership)

Membership Fee: (professionales):

120,20 Euro (1 annual fee to pay just in an advanced payment)

Donations: Depending on the Person or Institution that gives them.
Note: All the prices previously mentioned, except those cases that for the second year are already pre-established and have been mentioned, will be revised every year by the Board of Directors and proposed to the General Assembly for its updating.

Payments: by BANK TRANSFERS to:
BANKINTER: C/ GARIBAY, 34  C.P 20004 San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0128/ 0340/ 13/ 0100004384

CREDIT CARDS are also welcome (Visa, Mastercard, 4B, American Express).

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